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It's been a long time coming!!!! Flor de Lis, "Fiona" and I are dipping our toes in a horse show this weekend!
It's GEC's last dressage show, sadly. And Fiona has been feeling confident enough to give it a go!
I'm so excited and a tiny bit nervous. But ...over-all I'm proud of how I've stuck to it.
p.s. top photo is a screen shot. Hopefully I'll get some great photos tomorrow! (Lori, if available)

Come shop!!! I'll be at Shilo with lots of stuff. TOMORROW, Saturday, 0ct 21st 11:00 a.m.
Blankets of all different weights, coolers, sheets and fly sheets all in great shape, clean and size 78
Saddles, and 2 small kid saddles, brand new.
Saddle pads - sheep skins too
...Breeches - size 26 and 28
Bits - different sizes
Polos, leg wraps, brush boots. And some random things
Everything is cleaned and in great shape!
Everything priced to sell
Venmo or cash (bring change if you want to barter)

Here's the video clip. Hastil "Black Beauty" is learning piaffe. He will have it soon, the mechanics are looking good. Thanks again Jayne Tonowski

Jayne Tonowski 's beautiful "Back Beauty" is so balanced. This clip was just a quick moment in time. He was just exploring some different answers to what I was asking. I love riding and training him! Thanks Jayne

I love this girl! I'm so grateful for our longtime friendship, over 30 years. I know she is always there for me even if we don't talk often! Lucky me, she is now bringing her niece for dressage coaching so I get to see her every week! And today she helped me with my mare Fiona! Love you Gina Marie!!! (the other Gina)
Feeling so grateful!

I am proud of what I teach to all my students young and old.! I love to make thinking, problem solving riders!!!!
I texted my adult amateur student today, "Did u ride today?"
Her answer "I did ride and we had some moments and I rode through it and he let me ride him. Lots ...of circles and get off the leg get off that leg... I had my trainer brain on and schooled my position...he got better when I stayed my position we also had forward and a good trot to post! Did some turn on forehand then into canter...aborted left canter to right a couple times went on to other stuff came back to it and got it! He was on my aids towards the end of the ride."

One of Limericks riders took these photos of him!😘
We LOVE ❤️ 😍 💖 Limerick. He's really a great horse, I'm lucky to have him for 17 years now 😘😘😘

FOR SALE - 2002 Exiss 3 horse slant load step-up trailer

It's in GREAT condition. Well maintained. 2002 Exiss 3 horse slant load step-up trailer. 15k

Priced to sell fast. (difficult to find used trailers in such good condition and priced right)

P.M. me if ...interested

Thanks for sharing!

I was able to take a Holiday vacation. Thank you Anja and all the others that helped keep my horses going!
Here are some pictures from my trip......

Image for shared link
Grand Canyon South Rim

December 2022

Happy Thanks Giving! from Topline Training Inc.



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Greenville Equestrian Center
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Phone: (925) 858-3933

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