USDF Certified Instructor




USDF Gold & Silver Medalist

Horse Training

Train with Gina Duran Gina’s innate ability to effectively communicate with a horse shines through when she trains. Her detailed understanding of the horse’s body language, psychology and the need for consistency allow her to get the most out of her animals.

That focus on consistency is one of Gina’s unique skills. By establishing uniform rules right from the start, the horse understands exactly what she’s asking it to do. This paves the way for a form of two-way communication between horse and rider – it literally provides the horse ‘room to talk’. That means that as the relationship deepens Gina can take greater advantage of the horses’ natural intelligence and abilities and quickly identify and fix potential problems.

With her depth of experience, Gina is able to adapt her approach to the specific needs of the horse and the goals of the owner. Gina builds a strong rapport that enables her to really stretch the horse to reach its full potential. Being certified as a massage therapist for people and her fascination with biomechanics is also an added advantage.

Gina has taken a number of horses from Training to FEI Levels. She is adept at working with horses that may not be considered ideal candidates for dressage. Even where development might not come easily, she works to reshape a horse to the extent of their capabilities. She enjoys the challenge and reward of helping each horse become stronger and more athletic.