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Children’s Riding Clinics Q & A

Q) What will my child learn during the clinic?
A) Your child will learn basics in horse care, safety and riding. Your child will come home with an abundance of horse knowledge. Our goal is to inspire a love and appreciation of horses. Your child will learn…

  1. Horse safety
  2. Horse ‘lingo’ and terminology
  3. The proper seat (balance) to sit in a saddle to ride or trot
  4. Understand the importance of the bridle, including taking it apart and putting it back together
  5. Know horses by color and their markings
  6. Understand horse behavior
  7. Learn to tack up a horse, including saddling and bridling
  8. Learn the proper way to walk a horse
  9. Learn proper grooming techniques
  10. Learn the importance of a clean barn and stable area
  11. What horses eat and how to keep them healthy
  12. All about horses shoes and hoof care
  13. How to bond with your horse

Q) My child has no riding experience, is a clinic appropriate? What if my child has some experience?
A) Yes! Our clinics are designed to teach beginners about horses and riding and further the training for those children with some horse experience. Also, we are able to take beginners and riders with some experience and group them separately so they can learn at their own pace.

Q) Will my child be able to ride on trails?
A) No. Horses can be unpredictable and trail riding creates a less controlled environment. We only teach beginners in a safer, indoor riding arena until students have more confidant control over their mount.

Q) How much riding time will my child get to have during the clinic?
A) There is a lot to learn and do. The first day will be spent covering the basics – working safely around horses, grooming, saddling up, and riding. Students will ride once the first day. By days two and three, students will be more confident and comfortable and will ride twice per day.

Q) How many students are in each clinic?
A) Generally there are 8-12 students. Regardless of the class size, we keep a 2-children per instructor ratio.

Q) How many instructors are there for each clinic?
A) For our student's safety, we keep a ratio of one instructor per two students.

Q) What does my child need to bring to the clinic?
A) Please have your child bring a sack lunch and water.

Q) What should my child wear for the clinic?
A) Long pants are required. This can be jeans or leggings, which most students find more comfortable in the saddle. Hard, smooth-soled shoes with a small heel (1/2” or less) are best for foot safety in the saddle. Helmets are required for all riders.

Q) Where can I purchase riding equipment?
A) If you wish to purchase your own equipment, Christensen’s Tack Store is located in downtown Pleasanton which carries riding breeches, boots, and helmets.  Please tell them you are a Topline Training client.