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USDF Gold & Silver Medalist

Clinic with GINA

Clinics with Gina DuranWith horse owners and riders eager to improve their skills and learn more, Gina offers monthly clinics throughout the northern California area. A clinic with Gina offers riders an incredible opportunity to acquire new skills and gain tools to deepen their connection to their horse.

Gina’s experience with so many different types of horses and riders allows her to help riders take something significant away from every lesson. She works equally well with aspiring riders wanting to advance beyond their first levels, to the highly experienced competitor looking to sharpen their mastery of a specific element.

Gina’s Availability to Clinic

Gina is a sought after instructor for clinics throughout the area. Gina can quickly spot areas in need of improvement for both horse and rider. She then provides targeted guidance broken into small steps that her students find easy to follow. This format continues to prove itself out based on her student’s track record of success.  

Gina’s Mentors

One of the reasons Gina is such a wonderful instructor and trainer is her dedication to keeping her own skills competition level sharp. Gina regularly trains with Rachel Saavedra, a Grand Prix trainer/rider, USDF Fourth Level Certified Instructor and faculty member. She works with top professionals in the industry including clinics with Steffen Peters, Christine Traurig, and Conrad Schmaucher all to further her expertise in developing both horse and rider.

Book Gina for a Clinic

To book Gina for your next clinic call (925) 858-3933 or email .