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About GINA

Gina Duran, USDF Gold and Silver Medalist

Gina is a sought after instructor of advanced riders looking to sharpen their horses and improve their overall performance. Gina is a certified USDF Dressage Instructor and winner of USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.

Gina started her training with an icon of dressage, Hilda Gurney. To further her own skills, Gina continues to train with Rachel Saavedra, a Grand Prix trainer, rider, and USDF Fourth Level Certified Instructor and faculty member. In order to stay challenged and seek out fresh ideas, Gina also clinics with top professionals including Steffen Peters, Christine Traurig, and Conrad Schmaucher. That focus on mastery allows Gina to inject new concepts into her already successful teaching and training systems.

Gina has led both adult amateurs and juniors to regional and national awards, including qualifying and competing in the North American Junior Young Rider Championships in Lexington, KY.

Training Philosophy

Gina Duran, USDF Gold and Silver MedalistGina achieves success with her students, not just in the show ring, but in their relationship with their horse. She focuses on creating a partnership between horse and rider. Her positive approach helps riders notice the subtle details and make the adjustments that will take them to the next level. She works in concert with the student and horse to develop their natural chemistry and athletic ability to evoke their best performance.

Gina offers instruction for both horse and rider from Training through the Grand Prix level. The lesson is tailored to each students goals and learning style. She is thoroughly committed to the success and well-being of her students and horses. Gina also mentors her students in the psychological aspects of training and competing.

Teaching Philosophy

Gina is able to take complex concepts and break them into small understandable steps. She develops her student’s confidence so they can work independently. Gina’s ultimate goal for her students is perfect collection, where the horse’s performance happens naturally with balance, lightness and engagement. She builds this gradually with her students from rhythm to contact to straightness.

Horse Sense

A self-made rider, Gina has gained a reputation for outstanding horsemanship. Notably, she has taken horses of varying breeds and levels and developed them into FEI competition quality animals. She puts her expert appraisal of their personalities, athletic abilities and potential to work when guiding students with their own horses or training them for their owners. Because of her knack for pairing horse and rider she is often asked in as a consultant to find the perfect horse and negotiate the purchase.


Train with Gina Duran Gina’s innate ability to effectively communicate with a horse shines through when she trains. Her detailed understanding of the horse’s body language, psychology and the need for consistency allow her to get the most out of her animals.

That focus on consistency is one of Gina’s unique skills. By establishing uniform rules right from the start, the horse understands exactly what she’s asking it to do. This paves the way for a form of two-way communication between horse and rider – it literally provides the horse ‘room to talk’. That means that as the relationship deepens Gina can take greater advantage of the horses’ natural intelligence and abilities and quickly identify and fix potential problems.

With her depth of experience, Gina is able to adapt her approach to the specific needs of the horse and the goals of the owner. Gina builds a strong rapport that enables her to really stretch the horse to reach its full potential. Being certified as a massage therapist for people and her fascination with biomechanics is also an added advantage.

Gina has taken a number of horses from Training to FEI Levels. She is adept at working with horses that may not be considered ideal candidates for dressage. Even where development might not come easily, she works to reshape a horse to the extent of their capabilities. She enjoys the challenge and reward of helping each horse become stronger and more athletic.

Clinic with GINA

Clinics with Gina DuranWith horse owners and riders eager to improve their skills and learn more, Gina offers monthly clinics throughout the northern California area. A clinic with Gina offers riders an incredible opportunity to acquire new skills and gain tools to deepen their connection to their horse.

Gina’s experience with so many different types of horses and riders allows her to help riders take something significant away from every lesson. She works equally well with aspiring riders wanting to advance beyond their first levels, to the highly experienced competitor looking to sharpen their mastery of a specific element.

Gina’s Availability to Clinic

Gina is a sought after instructor for clinics throughout the area. Gina can quickly spot areas in need of improvement for both horse and rider. She then provides targeted guidance broken into small steps that her students find easy to follow. This format continues to prove itself out based on her student’s track record of success.  

Gina’s Mentors

One of the reasons Gina is such a wonderful instructor and trainer is her dedication to keeping her own skills competition level sharp. Gina regularly trains with Rachel Saavedra, a Grand Prix trainer/rider, USDF Fourth Level Certified Instructor and faculty member. She works with top professionals in the industry including clinics with Steffen Peters, Christine Traurig, and Conrad Schmaucher all to further her expertise in developing both horse and rider.

Book Gina for a Clinic

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